Here goes nothing

I will start my blogging journey right here, right now. This is the first of many blogs to come down the road, most of which will be talking about the Analysis and Modeling of Software Systems, also known as my Wednesday 10 p.m. class. The teacher, Ken Bauer, asked us to create a blog and use it as a resource to relay our ideas to the public, and I believe that I’m going to enjoy this quite a bit.

I haven’t blogged in about 4 years, and I’ve never really blogged about software, so bare with me for a moment, I promise to give it my best shot. The blog’s UI is kind of dull right now, but I’ll try to improve it during the semester and hopefully I will have a bunch of interesting posts for you to read. I’ve also created my account, as we are expected to be using it later in the semester for some activities.

Finally, I just wanted to talk a little bit about this new (at least for me) programming language called SmallTalk. It seems to be really different from pretty much every programming language I’ve ever used, so I’m excited to look at code through a different point of view. In SmallTalk, everything is an object, even the program itself, so that’s going to be something cool to work with. After all, I’m all for a fresh experience in software.

You can find some of my latest work on my website:


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